by Christophe Noel

Article Summary:

Alcohol stoves have long been a favorite of ultra-light backpackers, bicycle tourers, and adventure motorcycle riders. The low weight, simplicity, and compact size when paired to the low cost and easy availability of the fuel, make for a near perfect cooking solution. The burners themselves come in a number of formats ranging from homemade beer can stoves to the legendary Trangia burner many of us grew up using. What alcohol stoves frequently lack is a good pot support with optimal flame protection. Thanks to the Clikstand, the long-loved alcohol stove is now––perfected.

The Clikstand is an ingenious device constructed of four precision cut panels of either high grade stainless steel or titanium. Once assembled, the four pieces enshroud the burner for optimal flame protection and create a stable support for cooking pots of varied sizes. For maximum flame protection, the addition of an optional windscreen decreases boil times, and increases fuel efficiency even more. The Clikstand snaps together in seconds, and folds flat for easy transport.  

The Sierra Combo with Trangia burner is impressively efficient. Boil times for half a liter at 5,000 feet with water at an ambient 50 degrees took but a few minutes. 

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