Field tested by multiple users:

“I'm not going back to my old burner (Esbit or gas). This cookset has worked beautifully, and it's light. I particularly like the self-contained package it all folds into (I may have to shorten my spork, it - just - juts out the pot, preventing the lid from closing completely). Little bulk is always nice and having everything together reduces the hassle associated with cooking.”

-Andre Corterier

Things I like 

1. Light.
2. Compact.
3. Good use of space.
4. The ability to put the stove out and conserve fuel. This also lets the lazy side of me get away without calculating exact fuel needs before a short trip.

Things I don't like

1. If I had to mention something here, I would wish that the Trangia was just a little lighter. That’s it. Really.”

-Chuck Kime

“The Clikstand provides a sturdy and solid base. It packs small and provides a more stable pot stand than many canister stoves. The system is a good option over heavier liquid gas stoves that have parts that require maintenance. Lighter pot stands can be fashioned at home but are rarely as stable as the Clikstand.

The windscreen is easy to use and perfectly sized for the suggested system configuration. Stored in the pot, there is no need for fiddling with rubber bands, or folding, unfolding, and forming cylinders with flat windscreens such as the MSR windscreen.”

-Mara Factor

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