I ordered both the Clikstand S-2/S-2G and the windscreen S-2G, via international shipping. Delivery was extremely quick which was securely packaged and included easy to follow assembly instructions. Both the Clikstand and the windscreen are  extremely well made and easy to assemble. I already had a burner so I didn't need to order one. I used the Clikstand and the windscreen as soon as they arrived and am extremely pleased with them. They are very strong and I intend to make full use of them on both my hiking and camping trips.

Many thanks form a very happy UK customer.

I just want to chime in on the new pot stand. Now that I've gotten to use it a little I can give you an honest report on it. First of all this thing is bombproof stable. I got the evernew pot to go with it and it is the perfect mate to the stand. I made an aluminum windscreen to go with it but havn't had the chance to test in windy conditions yet but just from the use I got so far I know it will pass with flying colors. Great piece of work.

Bob - Swoyersville PA

I received the Clikstand just yesterday. The fit and finish are excellent. I look forward to using it. Congratulations on a product well made.

Pat - Rockville MD

Hey guys, you rock. I ordered Your Clikstand product on Sunday and it arrived on Wednesday, very fast turnaround and easy purchase with Paypal. Before the Clikstand, I made a Pepsi can stove and what I thought to be a pretty good windscreen. When I tested my homebuilt system, I wasn't able to boil water at all, but got water hot enough for tea.

With the Clikstand and Trangia with windscreen, I was able to boil 3 cups of water really fast and didn't use up too much fuel in the process. The simmer attachment worked awesomely and kept the fuel running forever it seemed. Just for grins, I tried my Pepsican stove with the Clickstand and windscreen and was able to boil 3 cups of water just as fast as with the trangia. In fact the trangia simmer attachment worked great with my can stove as well. The Clikstand was so incredibly efficient it made a quick boiler out of my old stove which was basically ineffective without the Clikstand. I was blown away. All this testing was done in the front of my open garage with a mild breeze.

In short, I'm in love with the Clikstand, it exceeds my performance expectations with the Trangia and surprisingly with my homemade can stove equally well. It makes great performers out of both. I found the Clikstand to be of amazingly high quality, light, and sturdy, collapsing flat. Awesome design, execution, marketing, and delivery. Be proud of your contribution to the camping populace, it's making the world a better place thorough great design.

Bob - Kirkland, WA

I just had to compliment you on the elegant design of the Clikstand. I've been using mine for the last few weeks and love it. I am particularly impressed with how efficient it makes the Trangia stove and how easy it is to set up. I had quit using my Trangia stove in favor of fuel tabs. Not anymore. The ease of use and high efficiency of the Clikstand won me over completely!

Jerry Goller - Publisher,

I received the Clikstand today, made dinner with it this evening, and am enthusiastically pleased.

I got this alcohol stove on a lark. Nothing more than a hair-brained scheme to satisfy my curiosity. Embarassingly, over the last 20 years, I have amassed a collection of backpacking relics of dubious worth pursuing such schemes. However, in this case, it truly was the best experience I have had with a camp stove.

My old "stand-by" Whisperlite is officially retired. Next time out on the trail, the Clikstand will be my stove.

Thanks, Jason - Felton, CA
Overall, I think the stove rocks.

My setup is the clikstand with windscreen, cat food can for burner, a Trangia pot and a small aluminum plate that I use as a lid. I store everything inside the pan. I basically boil water to rehydrate things, although I also used it to fry fish and falafels as well.

Where have I been? Three 4-day trips to the Emmigrant wilderness, One 5-day trip in Yosemite, One 9-day trip in the Emmigrant wilderness.

I also used it to cook onions and peppers to go with BBQ at a Raider's game last year.

Basically, it's worked great as my friends have done field repairs on their MSR stoves. It boils water a little slower, but is lighter and more reliable than others.

On the 9-day trip I just returned from I used about 14 ounces of fuel. I made tea and some sort of dehydrated gruel every morning. (average outside temp ~35F) I made a couple of cups of tea, soup, and dehydrated gruel each evening, plus fried up falafels and fish a couple of nights. (average outside temp~60F). Elevation was between 7000 and 8000 feet.

I don't boil water for drinking, I use the MSR pump for filtering water.

Let's see - I use denatured alcohol. I tried one of the Esbit fuel tabs for one pot of water, but it was slow and made a mess of the stove, pot and the cat food can. I'll probably continue to bring a couple of tabs as alast-ditch backup fuel source, but the alcohol leaves everything clean and boils more quickly.

I give it a 10 out of 10.

Thanks! Ned - Santa Clara, CA

I just received my Clickstand with windscreen and Trangia today and I have already fired it up three times on top of my stove at home. What a brilliantly conceived and constructed stove system this is. I've had it with the other alcohol stoves that are so unstable the pot slides off unless it is perfectly level. I scalded my hand with boiling water like that with another stove and it wasn't a pleasant experience. I tested the Clickstand at home at some pretty severe angles and it was amazing how long the stove stayed on the stand. I also like how it works in conjunction with the windscreen, Trangia burner and Evernew .9L pot. I can't wait to get it out in the field.

John Coyle - Sacramento, CA

Just tried the Clikstand this past weekend during a cold (snow and freezing nights) backcountry Zion trip. It worked flawlessly, just as advertised. Very similar performance to my 25 and 27 that I've used forever, but at a much lower weight.

I used it with a Snow Peak 1 liter titanium pot and it worked real nice for the two of us on the trip. It's probably close to the same size of the Evernew.

Nice work with the Clikstand!

Kurt - West Jordan, Utah

I just took my Clikstand (with Trangia burner and Evernew .9L titanium pot) on its first trip, and they performed very well indeed.

Thanks for an excellent product.

Glenn - Eaton, OH

I bought a Clikstand and Windscreen from you earlier this Summer, and recently used it for a month both car-camping and backpacking. It has worked fabulously well. It fit and packed perfectly in my old MSR Titan cookset, along with the Trangia burner and a homemade cozy for the small pot.

I used it in campgrounds, such as at Chaco Canyon, where the wind gusted vigorously and constantly, and in temperatures from about 25 to the 70s in various parts of the Southwest, including a week backpacking in Grand Gulch, Utah.

Thanks for a fine product,

Jim - Denver, CO

Thanks for the clickstand that arrived at 8.30 this AM (Friday the 4th) What more can I say, excellent service and a elegant design! Thanks very much

Tom - United Kingdom

Your clikstand is the perfect product for my applications:occasional hikes and bushcraft trips. During the latter I will use a stainless Zebra billy can, 12 cm diameter, for it. It has a perfect fit within the windscreen. When I do not use the windscreen I can also use my British military mug on it when I make use of two small crossbars on which the mug rests. Not so fuel efficient but even in subzero temperatures I will have my water boling within a reasonable time [subjective, but hey it is all a matter of perception.]

When using the Titankettle for fast en light dayhikes I must conclude I do not consider this as a perfect combination with the clikstand. Indeed the handles are in the way since they are positioned very low on the kettle. It will be necessary to cut a slit in the windscreen or to fold the handles around the kettle and make use of a glove to lift the kettle with boiling water out of the windscreen. Or not use the windscreen at all. Neither of them is a very elegant solution and does not justify the the clever design of the stove.

Overall I am very happy with the clikstand especially since my main goal was a replacement for my very old and very stinky trusty Esbitstove when bushcrafting. For dayhikes I will probably use the MSR kettle in combination with an Optimus Crux gasstove. Btw I also found on my ceiling an old but well designed aluminium pot with dimensions which are very similar to the the Evernew titanium 0.9L. In case I really insist on using the clikstand when hiking I can always use this pot. It also stows easily in the pot.


René - Netherlands

Received a couple of days ago. The best value bit of kit I've bought in ages...

Thanks for your help and excellent service.

Rod - United Kingdom

I just wanted to say thanks and that I'm very happy with my purchace. many thanks


Just wanted to give you some positive feedback.

We bought three clikstands early 2006 for my sisters and I to use hiking the Appalachian Trail. We found them great, much more stable and convenient than a lot of other set ups we saw along the way.

We actually each had a bigger pot than the clikstand is designed for, so it allowed no room between the windshield and the pot. I sent my windshield home pretty quickly however the others still liked to use it placed on the ground around the stand.

When it was very cold the metal contracted and it was harder to put together but usually it was extremely easy.

We have actually just ordered the new model for a friend's birthday so will be interested to see how he finds it.

Thanks, Kristen

Hello Clikstand !

I received my Clikstand a few months ago and am very pleased with it ! I read on a discussion board on www.backpackinglight that the Trangia canister gas burner works with your Clikstand. Trangia also makes a multi fuel burner Nr 780001 and I'm wondering if it also works with your model. Could you tell me if I need to modify your stand or is it just set up and use it ?

Trangia is great but the gas option would be nice in winter up here in Canada.

It seems the Trangia burner is very popular but it would be great to have the flexibility of the other types of burners.

Dan - Canada

The Clikstand is my new favorite stove. It's truly a piece of functional art; I love to show it off!. Every time I put it together I'm so impressed by its' minimalism combined with its' robustness. It's so solid and so simple with exactly what you need and nothing you don't; the kind of design that we all know is so rare in the outdoor industry.

In fact I have retired my Trangia for canoeing and car camping, and I've retired my old Pepsi can stove for backpacking. I still plan to haul a canister stove some of the time, but the Clikstand is a really nice intermediary between non-simmering, fragile, and low-powered pepsi stoves and overkill/noisy canister stoves. I'd recommend it to anyone.

Sincerely, Brian
I ordered the clikstand on Friday the 20th and to my complete surprise it arrived today the 23rd (and it was delivered from CA all the way to TN in that time!)

I just assembled the unit, very easy to do and very stable, and then did a test burn. So far so good and I'm quite impressed in the quality of the construction and materials. It will be much more stable and windproof in the field than the other alcohol stove I was using which was a major consideration in my purchase.

Thanks for making such a well thought out piece of equipment which will undoubtedly see years of active use.



Thanks for the swift delivery of my Clikstand, I have to say it does perform very well with the Trangia burner it was designed to be used with. It certainly worth it's place in my kit for that alone.

Thanks and best wishes

Glen - UK

The order arrived today, thanks. That little clikstand fits together like a little spacecraft, and it works for my pots and for my KellyKettle, too.


Just to let you know my order arrived this morning 13 Jun 07. Thanks alot for the service & a great product.


Christopher - Australia


I don't normally write letters such as this but I was so impressed with the Clikstand that I felt compelled. That thing rocks! My kewlness factor among my friends has just rocketed off the charts. They are all seriously jealous and rightfully so I might add. 🙂 I'm also really digging the Trangia stove. They are so simple yet effective I'd have to say they border on genius.

Initially I had problems putting the stand together but have since discovered the secret. Once you have all three sides connected you insert your fingers inside and press outwards on all three sides. At that point it's simple to place the triangular piece inside. That procedure may prove obvious to most but not for me.

The burner, stand and windshield fit perfectly in my smallest pot.

I also was very pleased that you sent it all to me without waiting for my check to clear. You can count on me to push your products as I am a VERY satisfied customer.

Sincerely, Michael


I think the clikstand may be the answer to my problems of getting a reliable source of fuel in the UK. I've looked at other stoves that can be flipped over to burn alcohol or tabs but they all seem a little unstable compared to the clikstand.

I hope you won't be offended if I offer one small suggestion to make a great product into the single most useful thing on the planet. If you grind a small slot into the bottom of one of the sides of the stand the unit could be used as a base for the Trangia butane or multifuel burners. The clikstand would then be able to burn more or less any fuel available.

Kind Regards

Mike - UK

I received the Clikstand yesterday, and it 'cliks' together nicely. Looks great.